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Solitario: Single Earring 31

Solitario: Single Earring 31

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Peruvian Dreamcatcher Pearl Solitario Earring

From the skilled hands of Peruvian artisan families comes the Solitario Earring, a symbol of purity and dreams captured in a delicate design. This elegant piece features a soft white feather, representing peace and serenity, alongside carefully selected shells that echo the tranquil beauty of Peru's coastal waters. At its core, a dream catcher weaves a protective charm, designed to safeguard the wearer's dreams and bring positive energy. A lustrous pearl, the gem of the sea, adds a touch of timeless elegance and grace. Measuring 7 inches in length and 1 inch wide, this earring is a testament to the artistry and cultural heritage of Peru, perfect for those who cherish the beauty of handcrafted jewelry and the symbolic power it holds.

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