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Solitario: Single Earring 24

Solitario: Single Earring 24

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Celestial Guacamayo Solitario Earring from Peru

Crafted with precision and passion by Peruvian artisans, our Celestial Guacamayo Solitario Earring is a stunning representation of Peru's rich cultural tapestry and natural beauty. This exquisite earring features a vibrant Guacamayo feather, symbolizing freedom and the colorful essence of the Amazon. Accented with a captivating moon and star decor, it evokes the mystical connection between the earth and the cosmos.

Adorned with carefully selected shells and beads, this piece reflects the diverse textures and hues of Peru's landscapes. The incorporation of a polished black stone and a vibrant turquoise stone adds layers of depth and meaning, symbolizing protection and healing.

Measuring 7 inches in length and 1 inch in width, this earring is a statement of elegance and artisanal craftsmanship. Designed with a hypoallergenic hook for comfortable wear, it is perfect for those who seek to express their love for nature, art, and the celestial mysteries that surround us. The Celestial Guacamayo Solitario Earring is more than just jewelry; it's a wearable piece of Peruvian heritage, bringing together the spirit of the Amazon and the ancient wisdom of its people.

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