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Black Fish Scale Moon Earrings

Black Fish Scale Moon Earrings

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Black Moon-Shaped Paiche Fish Scale Earrings

Discover the mystical allure of our Black Moon-Shaped Paiche Fish Scale Earrings, a masterpiece crafted with the utmost care by Peruvian artisans. These unique earrings are made from the scales of the majestic Paiche fish, a symbol of the Amazon's natural abundance and strength. The scales are naturally dyed to a deep, mesmerizing black, capturing the enigmatic beauty of the moonlit night sky.

Molded into an elegant moon shape, these lightweight earrings are a tribute to the celestial wonders above and the rich biodiversity of the Amazon below. The hypoallergenic hooks ensure that they are comfortable for all-day wear and suitable for those with sensitive skin.

By wearing these earrings, you are not only adorning yourself with a piece of the Amazon's magic but also supporting the traditional skills and livelihoods of the local artisans who create them. Let these black moon-shaped earrings transport you to the heart of Peru, where culture and nature intertwine beautifully.

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